Bèlté Kwéyòl Cosmetics

Bèlté Kwéyòl CosmeticsBèlté Kwéyòl Cosmetics started life on a beautiful island in Vieux Fort, St Lucia.

Before launching makeup artist Joanna Molinaro and Science Student Christine Clarke made a strong commitment to never support any brand that permits animal testing. We believe in the health of our clients and understand the needs of women who suffers from skin allergies.

Our mission is to empower women with our unique organic and cruelty free collection. We believe that every woman should be able to relish the experience of having a professional makeup application.

Bèlté Kwéyòl Cosmetics provides innovative service to help express your individual lifestyle from inside out.

Skitter’s Beauty Lounge

Skitter’s Beauty LoungeBorn in Saint Lucia in 1986, and spending most of her childhood and teenage years in the United State, Skitter was able to kick off her career in cosmetology.  She moved back to her native country in 2003 where she pursued, completed and attain her license in cosmetology with Caribbean Styles School of Cosmetology. Since then she worked as a junior stylist at a local hair salon for several years.  In 2014 Skitter opened her beauty salon currently known as SKITTER’S BEAUTY LOUNGE.  Within this time Skitter has achieved  many accomplishments, such as styling the bride of Celebrity groomer Adrian Fanus, worked on two photo shoots for a New York Fashion Magazine RARE in which her work made cover page in the 2015 June issue and was featured in the 2015 July issue.  In March of 2016 she worked as a hairstylist on an international photo shoot/ advertisement for Delta Airlines and American Express which can be seen on billboards at various international airports.  Skitter also gives back by volunteering her time; she has worked with different organizations like The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) and Volunteer St. Lucia.  Skitter aspires to open a Beauty School and become a full time Cosmetology Instructor. Until then she continues to change lives on head at a time.   

Antony Kabuasa

Antony Kabuasa is a millennial aged graphic designer and producer. Though born an artist with a very visual memory his Alma Matters ended being in Law in Broadcasting/Communications with sights on journalism and investigative journalism.

After having completed Legal Studies, Antony chose to pursue a career in the liberal arts. Lacking credentials in the artistic field, Antony chose to create jobs of his own and thus Reckless House was born and now employs a small team of like-minded individuals who are self motivated to perform and create.

Through Reckless House, as a consultant and designer, Antony has help kick start many successful businesses and non-profit organizations across multiple focuses. He is an accomplished linguist, skateboarder and competition tennis player

Currently spends his time travelling between Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto with sights on expanding into Vancouver.

J Charlery Photography

Photography has been a passion of mine from my early teenage years. It all started when a friend loaned me her simple Kodak digital camera. I was fascinated by how I could press that shutter and instantly see the image on that small 2 inch square screen. Needless to say that I never wanted to return the camera to her. A few years later I left my hometown St Lucia and moved to Montreal. There I met a friend who owned DSLR cameras. He became my mentor and taught me the basics of photography. I became even more enthusiastic about the art and just could not put down the camera. Thankfully, I have a beautiful wife, who loves being photographed, who never refuses a practice shoot.

I’ve had my share of difficulties as well. Never will I forget that day I walked home to find that all my photography gear had been stolen. For a while it seemed like that was the end of my photography journey. But after a few weeks of grieving and some long pep talks from great friends and clients, I’m back and ready to capture your outstanding portrait to hang in your home.

Kerlange Lacombe

Born in Haiti in the middle class, I started modeling at the age of 11 from my old school in Haiti. I have always wanted to do modelling as a professional. Once arrived in Canada, my moto didn’t change. I kept reminding myself that: "I won’t give up on my dream until it comes true". In 2011, I met a staff who was planning a show for the Black History month at La Cité college and I was chosen to modelling for them. I have also modeled with some other companies such as the Association Excelsior Culturelle et Spirituelle (Ottawa 2012), Mannequin direct (Montreal 2013), De La Cruz (Ottawa 2014), Erikal Communications (Ottawa, 2015), Genevieve Poitras (Ottawa, 2016). I started last summer for never give up like a model, where I talked to Marshall about my dream to be a Top Model. And, I Thank God first of all for EVERYTHING, Thank you Mom "Marie Claire Noreska" to be there for me, My Dad "Jackson Lacombe".  My Support, my Motivation Marshall Celestin