A confident and ambitious young lady with so much to offer not only to her community but also her country! She stems from humble beginnings, and this has stirred in her a passion for voluntary service. She believes, that as Winston Churchill famously said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

She is the  public relations officer, communications and events coordinator of the youth and sports council in Laborie. She is also the founder and president of the newly formed organisation called “Rise Up”. This organisation aims at building the holistic development of the youth within her community through self-defense and other professional development activities.


     She models for the Imani modeling agency. Co-Chair of the Serita Modelling Agency, a junior model group where she assists children to become more confident about themselves through modelling. She is currently Saint Lucia’s brand ambassador for the Never Give Up Apparel line, a Canada based clothing line which gears towards motivating individuals through their clothing. She was a teacher at the Banse La Grace Combined School where she  began to be a role model, positively influence, inspire and pass on her knowledge to the younger generation. She is currently a model and full time student at the university of the West Indies where she pursues a diploma in Youth Develop Studies.    

                  She is no stranger to pageantry as she believes that pageantry provides a positive platform for women to be seen and heard. She has participated in the Miziq Mele Melange Creole pageant, the National Carnival Queen Pageant ,Miss Kalime’, Miss Volunteer South and the Miss Independence National . She currently hold two titles: Miss Kalime’ 2016 Queen and Miss Volunteer South 2018 Queen. She have chaperoned many young ladies for various pageants. Due to her passion, love for pageantry and her experience in the National Miss Independence pageant, she used her skills to give back and hosted a community level pageant on the 16th of February 2019 called Miss Laborie Independence Pageant. Mrs. Kaysia Verneuil-Joyeux

Brand ambassador - Saint Lucia

She is 17 year old girl from Kitscoty Alberta. She was the face of Fashion fest 2018, and ethno fashion gala 2019 and her pictures were on 6 billboards in Edmonton as well as at the LRT station, this year she was named brand Ambassador  NGU (Never Give Up Clothing) on CTV Moring Live. She is the featured model for Bailando Wedding Boutique, and has walked the runway for the wedding fair for the past 3 years, bridal fantasy, thrive, and paint it forward gala, Western Canadian Fashion week the past 4 years, walked for 9 designers in New York fashion week, and for 2 designers in Paris Fashion Week.

Kasda had two limited edition prints displayed of her by the Renaissance Hotel Art Exhibit in Edmonton

Kasda recently walked in Paris Fashion Week, and the gown she wore was published in New Faces Magazine.
Next year Kasda has been invited to walk the runway in Milan, Fiji, New York and London. Kasda has been published in over 15 beauty, fashion and wedding magazines all over the world this past 4 years. She has been published in the covers of Paris Magazine, Femme Rebelle magazine, Horizont magazine and just recently on the cover of Spotlight Magazine. She has been on CTV morning live twice this past year. She has done many photoshoots all over Canada including international photoshoots in New York and Paris. She volunteers and has raised money for the Nina Haggerty Foundation, The interval Store, The Snowflake Respite Foundation, The Thorpe Recovery Centre, Children without Program, and The olive Tree.  She is also part of anti-bulling campaign to help teens.

Kasda dreams of going to med school and being a signature model for a beauty or fashion line while teaching dance classes and helping troubled teens.

Brand ambassador - Edmonton

 My journey has been one of many obstacles and by the grace of the good Lord I have overcome each challenge and faced new ones that have been exciting to tackle. My main point in doing modeling and acting is to set an example to anyone out there that has been told “you can’t”! I am living proof that “YOU CAN”! I want my posts to inspire you! I want them to make you smile! I want them to make you chase your dreams and never give up! Everything is within arms length and there are people out there willing to help you and cheer for you along the way! I will be that “somebody” cheering you on! I am blessed for the people in my corner and for the new ones I meet everyday. 

Brand ambassador -Ottawa

In 1999, Valentine Nakrumah Fraser caught the attention of ace reggae crooner Beres Hammond. Relishing the spiciness in the young artiste’s voice, the senior reggae balladeer also noted Fraiser’s craving for the popular Jamaican brew know as Ginger Beer. It was logically a short hop mentally for Hammond to name the young man Ginjah. “This is Valentine Nakrumah Fraser, an artiste called Ginjah, Mr Beres Hammond gave the name to me, Ginjah said, adding that he is representing black liberation, black consciousness, and the teachings of Haile Selassie I. Having been invited to be a part of Hammond’s Harmony House label, Ginjah began in 2000 and by 2001, he was on a tour opening for Beres Hammond several shows stretching across the major Caribbean cities, leaving behind a trail of satisfied patrons begging for more. “it was never an easy task opening for a musical icon like Beres Hammond,” Ginjah Admitted. He Added: “But I went out there and did my best and met the challenge with full force.” As Expected, with good work, comes more work. So Ginjah went on touring with Beres Hammond throughout the world, inclusive of places like Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan.

Brand ambassador -JAMAICA